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Grayson, Van Hollen Propose Pledges, Media Calls for Judicial Pledge in Pennsylvania

Representative Alan Grayson became the latest candidate to propose the People’s Pledge for the 2016 election to his opponent Representative Patrick Murphy. The Pledge proposal and response received coverage in Florida Politics blog, The Orlando Political Observer, and The Tampa Bay Times – “Alan Grayson Floats no Super PAC Pledge to Murphy.” Murphy declined to negotiate a Pledge with Grayson.


The Times-Union in Scranton, Pennsylvania wrote an editorial calling on judicial candidates for appellate court to negotiate and agree to the People’s Pledge:

“In a spring debate, six of the seven candidates who had won primaries pressed their own qualifications and lamented the role of money in judicial elections. But due to the political stakes, the impending race is certain to draw significant outside money. And due to state and federal laws that allow unlimited contributions with no definitive means to trace the money to specific sources, there could be a deluge of so-called “dark money” funding negative advertising.

Retired Judges United and Common Cause/PA have called upon the candidates to take “the people’s pledge,” rejecting dark money. Under the proposal, the candidates would agree to denounce dark-money-funded negative ads.

The idea was pioneered in the 2012 Massachusetts U.S. Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. The candidates agreed to reject dark-money advertising, which declined by 95 percent after their announcement.

Democratic candidates Christine Donohue, Kevin M. Dougherty and David N. Wecht, Republicans Anne Covey, Michael A. George and Judith F. Olson, and independent Paul P. Panepinto, who had run as a Republican in earlier appellate races, all should take the pledge.”

Finally, Representative Chris Van Hollen proposed a People’s Pledge to Representative Donna Edwards in their race for Barbara Mikulski’s U.S. Senate seat opening up in 2016. The proposal was covered in Roll Call and The Baltimore Sun. Edwards declined to negotiate a Pledge.